About Us

Not so sure about my parents.

Is this really a good idea?

Our family is curious about where each of our dollars goes.   They can be  hard to keep tabs on–especially with a growing family.

We also wonder what it would be like to write down every expenditure and share it with folks.  So we’re making an experiment of it.  For the next year, we’ll post about where all of our dough goes.  Along the way we hope to learn about why we spend and how we can be better stewards of what we have.

As a bonus some people might read along and give us feedback and ideas. Experiment is up in August 2013, unless we get hooked on transparency.

We are a family of three (Aaron, Alyssa & Josiah), with one on the way.  We live in the greater Baltimore area.   Resourcefulness, quality time with loved ones, nerdy board games, outdoor exploration, the Good News & home-cooking are some of our family’s values.

You’ll probably catch us  trafficking opinions, but hey, who doesn’t?  We’d love nothing more than for you to point out why our opinions are flawed and send us in the right direction.  Or perhaps you’ll think they are fantastic.  That works too.


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