What we DIDN’T pay for

Our happy foursome.

Our happy foursome.

Having a newborn is making it nigh unto impossible to keep up with this blog.  And to keep up with just about everything else, come to think of it – sleep, cooking, cleaning…  But Eliza is a sweetheart and we are enjoying life as a foursome.

Rather than catching up on the unwieldy stack of receipts we’ve accumulated, I decided to post about the money we haven’t spent recently.

In the past month, we’ve been the grateful recipients of countless expressions of love and generosity from family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

People have prepared meals for us…given and loaned baby clothes…cleaned our house…shopped for our groceries…watched Josiah, and in a couple of instances, Eliza too…visited us from the far reaches of New Jersey, Virginia and New Hampshire…sent loving cards and gifts…and more.

I didn’t expect much this time around, seeing as how it’s our second child and we moved to a new state recently.  We feel God’s loving kindness and tender mercy through the care of others.

We’ve managed to spend plenty of money too.  But for now, I simply want to say thanks.  We feel very loved.


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