A dozen or so trips to Wegmans later…

It’s awfully tempting to allow our spending disclosure to fall to the wayside with the birth of little Eliza.  She’s a miracle and money is so mundane.  Still, if this project is going to work and bear any fruit, then disclose we must—even when we’d rather be rocking 2-week-old Eliza to sleep.

The good news for us is that having a newborn in the house means we lack the time, energy or inclination to run around spending money.  The bad news for you, dear reader, is that pretty much all we’ve purchased during last two weeks is food.  Since that is the case, I’m going to try going the itemized tally route on our disclosure, rather than a per instance tally.

“Don’t even think about updating your website.”

On November 2 we bought $27.65 worth of groceries at Wegmans. That consisted of milk ($3.19), 32oz cottage cheese ($1.99), 24oz raisins ($3.19), bar soap ($2.99), Yogi tea bags ($3.79), bacon ($4.79), 2 loaves of Italian bread ($4.50), tomatoes ($0.52), gherkin pickles ($0.49), bananas ($1.19) and onions ($0.83).

The following day in the wee hours we bought $15.12 in groceries at the Safeway near the birth center.  I enjoyed the solitary grocery store experience at 1am.  Purchases included granola ($2.99), 8oz almonds ($3.99) 32oz cheddar cheese ($5.99) and 32oz plain yogurt ($2.15).  These provisions filled our bellies until we left the birth center at about 4am.  We then stopped at The Donut Shack in Severna Park.  We’ve been driving past it for the past 9 months of prenatal appointments and we were in a celebratory mood.  Three dollars worth of fresh, homemade doughnuts later we decided that was a good decision.  We’ll be back.

Continuing in the celebratory mode, we purchased a 2-liter Coke at Wegmans the following day.  The total was $1.34.  While Alyssa’s dad and I were searching our pockets for change the cashier busted a dollar bill out of her pocket and insisted on covering the 34 cents.  We were too stunned to refuse the gesture and told her she should get cashier of the month.  Then we toasted her health with Coke and popcorn at home.

On Monday, November 5 we took Eliza to her first doctor’s appointment and fueled the car on the way home for $38.00.  I was too tired at the time to calculate the gas mileage.   We also spent $13.34on two packages of newborn diapers that day at Target.

Josiah helps select photos for GoDoughDo.

The following day we replenished the larder with a cart of provisions at Wegmans for $10.00 (only because the shopper, Alyssa’s mom, subsidized the trip).  We got milk, a quart of yogurt, cream of mushroom soup, rice, bread, bananas, a rutabaga (one of Josiah’s favorite foods), broccoli, lemons, onions, garlic, carrots and celery.  Can you guess what we made?

Another Wegmans trip on November 8 cost us $12.58.  We bought eggs and a large package of chicken breasts.  On Saturday we also hit Wegmans up for a large cheese pizza ($10.59) and another (!) gallon of milk and some cream cheese for $4.68.  Clearly we need to let up on the dairy.

On Veterans Day we stopped in again at Wegmans for a quart of plain yogurt, vanilla ice cream, 10lbs of unbleached white flour, 10lbs of sugar, 3lbs of sweet potatoes and a 2ltr of Coke.  All the essentials for $13.77.

November 12 is our anniversary.  Since Alyssa had a baby less than 10 days earlier we kept the celebrations to a minimum, which means we basically went out for coffee at Caribou: $5.50. Since anything is an excuse for Andy Nelson’s BBQ and because we had some great coupons that expired soon we bought lunch for ourselves and Alyssa’s parents who were in town visiting their new granddaughter.  We got 4 huge combo meals with drinks and sides for a total of $19.36.  My favorite part, aside from the delicious meal itself, is that they sent us the coupons for our anniversary.   Later that night I took Josiah to the Giant to pick up Spiderman from the Redbox and to let him burn off some energy in the aisles with a mini-shopping cart.  We bought an acorn squash for $1.46.  Unfortunately, I forgot to return the movie the next day so we had to shell out $2.54instead of the customary $1.27.  I took this as a sign that I was not getting enough sleep.

Josiah shows no signs of caring that his birthday boots are pre-owned.

On the way home from work on Nov 13 I filled the scooter with gas. It took 1.1 gallons for $3.87.

Back to Wegmans on the 14th.   More newborn diapers ($6.35) plus lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, peppers and bananas: $5.62.

Then on November 16th we had another stop at Wegman’s for milk and 2 bottles of Coke (I had a coupon) for $4.27.  It’s confession time: I’ve drunk more Coke in the past three weeks than the rest of the year combined.

We also bought a book of stamps at the post office for $9.00 on Saturday the 17th.

In case you are wondering, part of the reason for our many trips to Wegmans is that I drive through the Wegmans’ parking lot.  In the spirit of visiting Wegmans as many times as possible, we bought bread, butter, Greek yogurt, frosted mini-wheats and bananas on November 19 for $13.23.  That night I made a special trip to Wal-mart for more diapers and a humidifier for Eliza, who has been sounding a bit raspy in her nighttime sleeping.  Total cost $46.10. If I have time I will write later about the costs vs. benefits and ROI of the various kinds of humidifiers (warm vs. cold & filter vs. no-filter). The jury is still out, but it appears the warm humidifier uses 7x more electricity.  So it might be headed for the returns counter.

Hang in there, the post is almost done.

On the 20th we bought cranberries, sweet potatoes and clementines at Giant for $9.22.

And on the day before Thanksgiving we bought milk, sour cream, raisins and cornbread at Wegmans for $10.85.  The store wasn’t quite over-flowing with last minute food shoppers, but I did have to park about a ¼ mile away.

Groen’s have a fine tradition of celebrating holidays in unconventional ways (ask me sometime about our white trash Christmas).  So I kept up the tradition by visiting my brother who was hanging out at Lancaster General Hospital with some kind of nasty GI infection.  During my visit I bought some chocolate milk and a fruit & yogurt cup for $2.78 in the hospital cafeteria.   On the way home I stopped at Maple Donuts—open all day, every day—for critical Thanksgiving donuts, including a maple bacon donut and a pumpkin fritter.  Oh yeah: $4.68 well spent.  I also filled our car with gas for $35.70.

This post is much too long.  In the future we’ll try to limit such infrequent updates to times of great family upheaval, such as the birth of a child.

Spending summary:
November 2: $27.65 (Wegmans)
November 3: $15.12 (Safeway), $3 (Donut Shack)
November 4:  miracle Coke
November 5: $38.00 (gas), $13.34 (diapers)
November 6: $10.00 (Wegmans)
November 8: $12.58 (Wegmans)
November 10:  $10.59 (pizza), $4.68 (Wegmans)
November 11:  $13.77 (Wegmans)
November 12: $5.50 (Caribou coffee), $19.36 (Andy Nelson’s), $1.46 (Giant), $2.54 (Redbox)
November 13: $3.87 (gas)
November 14: $6.35 (diapers), $5.52 (Wegmans)
November 16:  $4.27 (Wegmans)
November 17: $9.00
November 19: $13.23 (Wegmans), $46.10 (Wal-mart)
November 20: $9.22 (Giant)
November 21: $10.85 (Wegmans)
November 22: $2.78 (cafeteria), $4.68 (Maple Donuts), $35.70 (gas)

Total: $329.16 


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