Josiah’s Halloween costume: Future Voter

For the record, only one of us was drinking rum and cokes during the hurricane.  I was busy eating dark chocolate, keeping baby sober, and losing to Aaron in our latest favorite card game, Dominion – trust me, it’s way cooler than it sounds.  (Isn’t that what all game geeks say?)

Before-Sandy and after-Sandy views of Ortley Beach, NJ, near where we grew up and just north of Seaside Heights.

We emerged unscathed from Superstorm Sandy, but the same can’t be said of our home state.  The area where we grew up in NJ was devastated, especially the beaches.  We’re getting stories of decimated dunes, houses rearranged like a Rubik’s Cube, collapsed piers, disappearing boardwalks and more.

On Wednesday, I stopped at Walmart (not the one in Cockeysville – still boycotting) on my way home from a prenatal appointment for a few essentials:  Tide laundry detergent for our cloth diapers, baby wash and D batteries for our flashlight.  Better late than never…  Total:  $20.98.

I was at a loss for what to make for dinner, so we decided to try a nearby burger joint called Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries.  Until 5pm Monday through Thursday, you can get a cheeseburger with fixings for $1.99.  I was skeptical, but the burgers and generous portion of fries turned out to be very tasty.  Add in a fountain coke and we had dinner for $9.83.

Have you voted yet?  We did, along with a long line of other civically engaged citizens.  We opted for early voting this year, in case I’m in labor on Election Day.  After casting our ballots, we stopped by the local Trader Joe’s and spent $35.59.  That included $9.99 for our “odorless” fish oil supplement, which is less odor-full than its $8.99 counterpart but still kind of gross.  Predictably, we also got Cheddar Puffs for Josiah and dark chocolate for me, plus an assortment of other goods for both immediate consumption and postpartum midnight snacking when I’m up with baby.  (Incidentally, we’re logging this expenditure in November because it occurred four hours before the end of October and we didn’t eat anything in October.  Is that cheating?)

Josiah’s birthday is coming up and we want to give him rain boots so he can explore our nearby stream year-round.  We’ve shopped all over and not found the right boot for the right price.  Call us cheapskates, but we can’t stomach spending $35 on a pair of boots he’ll probably use a couple dozen times.  On Thursday, I stopped into a consignment shop and paid $7 for a basic blue/red pair that doesn’t sport any irritating cartoon characters and should fit him through next Spring.  Very pleased indeed.  I also found a couple of items on their $1 rack, so I spent a total of $9.54.

The owner of the consignment shop asked what Josiah was for Halloween.  Um…he was a voter.  Some parents we are.  We give already-used birthday gifts and take our son to vote when everyone else is trick-or-treating.  At least we didn’t take him trick-or-treating and then eat all his candy.

Spending Summary:
$20.98 (household/baby) + $9.83 (eating out) + $35.59 (groceries/health)
Thursday: $9.54 (birthday gift/clothing)

Total: $75.94


2 thoughts on “Josiah’s Halloween costume: Future Voter

  1. What would you say about parents who take their kid trick-or-treating and then eat all their Halloween candy, out of curiousity? =) Our logic was that at least we weren’t letting him rot his teeth at this young age and this is the last year he won’t know the difference!

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