How we ‘survived’ Hurricane Sandy

Since we’re riding out a hurricane, why not update our spending, especially since there’s a good chance we’ll lose power within the next couple hours.  The lights are flickering like a discotheque up in here!

Fair warning, there’s not a lot of exciting things happening in our spending these days.  We’re looking at mostly food and fuel.

On last Wednesday (Oct 24) Alyssa mailed some things off, spending $5.44 on postage.  One of those packages was full of cloth diapers that are being replaced under a lifetime warranty.  Pretty lame that we have to get them replaced, pretty great that they have a lifetime warranty (which we plan to fully utilize).

We also bought a gallon of milk at Wegmans for $2.99 on Wednesday.

On Thursday Alyssa visited Arlington to see some friends in the Commonwealth.  While there we stopped by Harris Teeter and bought 6lbs of popcorn.  We love their store brand of popcorn.  It pops reliably in our beat up and stained Ikea saucepan and tastes delicious.  I pop a gigantic bowl full on most Sunday nights, so we go through it like water.  Those 6lbs cost us $4.47 and ought to last 3-4 months.

A trip down to Arlington almost always precipitates a fill up.  I filled the car on Friday morning on the way back from a client meeting: $37.00 for 10.4 gallons @ $3.56/gal (36.3 MPG).   I also picked up produce and staples at Wegmans on the way home from the office that evening: cheese, bagels, tomatoes, cucumber, bananas & carrots for $12.54 plus a bunch of flowers ($8.48)for a neighbor who is having a crappy life.

Most of the crew at the Lindsay playground dedication in NJ

Even though I filled our tank with gas Friday afternoon, there we were again on Sunday filling it right back up.  That fill up ($35.04, 35.5 MPG) was due mainly to the daytrip we made on Saturday to NJ for the dedication of the playground built at Keswick in memory of our niece who died about four years ago just before her second birthday.  It’s a fantastic playground that any 2-year-old would love to play on and, just to be sure, Josiah successfully put it through the paces.  We got to see a bunch of family and celebrate Lindsay’s life (more photos here).

Despite the entire day on the road, we didn’t spend a dime on Saturday.  Kind of strange.  I suppose that is what happens when you pack a day too full of events and driving to actually stop and shell out cash for anything.

Yes, we took a zipline canopy tour in a developing country during a tropical storm on our honeymoon.

Yesterday we also engaged in some hurricane prep at Wegmans.  First things first: a two liter of coke for a week’s supply of rum and coke. (Ever since we weathered a three-day-long tropical storm on our honeymoon with rum and cokes in hand I can’t ride out a tropical storm without drinking a rum and coke or two—yeah, I’m a romantic.)  So that part of hurricanes can be delicious.   We also bought baking supplies aplenty: bags of flour, packages of chocolate chips and butter, brown sugar, apples, etc.  And of course we got some 72% dark chocolate.  What is worse, after all, than losing power and not having good chocolate to eat?  All told we brought home $49.93 worth of provisions.  I suppose in our case, all parts of the hurricane experience will be delicious.  And with the flurry of baking that is going on, our house will stay warm for days if the power goes out.  That’s what I call preparedness.

Lest I forget, because we were a bit tuckered from the preceding weeks travels and activity, we bought a hot, fresh Wegman’s pizza for lunch on Sunday: $10.59.

Today we bought nothing.  In fact we never left the house.  Time for a celebratory rum and coke.

Spending summary:
Wednesday: $5.44 (postage), $2.99 (groceries)
Thursday: $4.47 (groceries)
Friday: $37.00 (gas), $12.54 (groceries), $8.48 (gift)
Sunday: $35.04 (gas), $49.93 (groceries), $10.59 (pizza)

Total:  $166.48


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