In which we retire Alyssa’s LGVX5200 and eat cruciferous vegetables

I think it’s worth noting a few things we haven’t paid for recently.  Such as:

1.) A “new” cell phone and charger for me.  While we were visiting Aaron’s family in New Hampshire, my sister-in-law mistook my phone for the kids’ play phone and my brother-in-law took pity on my dilapidated telecommunications device and gave me the Razor phone he used three years ago.  That’s quite an upgrade from a seven-year-old LGVX5200 that Verizon told me they can’t provide tech support for anymore.

My dearly beloved phone for the past six years.

(It comes down to this:  I like my simple, no frills flip phone.  Even more, I like thumbing my nose at Verizon by not capitulating to their “new is better” marketing and refusing to sign a new contract with them.)

My brother-in-law even furnished me with a charger.  So last weekend, we activated my new phone, which has many operational features that died long ago on my old phone.

Josiah watching the “men” at work.

2.) Entertainment for Josiah.  This has been provided free of charge by the crews working to replace the roofs and rain gutters on our condo complex.  Josiah asks several times a day to go watch the “men.”  I think they like having a fan club.

3.) Firewood.  Thanks to Josiah’s diligent work to collect sticks every time we venture outside, we had our first fire of the season on Sunday night.  It was a crisp fall evening and very cozy to sit around our fireplace.

There’s still plenty we have paid for, don’t worry.  Including:

On Saturday, I spent $46.90 on groceries at Wegmans, including essentials like eggs, bread, bananas and milk as well as ingredients for meals I’m doubling so we’ll have enough to freeze for post-baby (vegetable chicken noodle soup and lasagna this time).  I like to think I’m paying it forward in the grocery category, since it seems like a significant percentage of our spending this month is helping us stock up for after baby makes his/her grand debut.

D.I.Y. pyromaniac boot camp

Oh, there was also a Ghirardelli 86% dark chocolate bar.  I guess that qualifies as non-essential.

On Sunday, we took an alternate route to church due to a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  Our detour put us right past The Filling Station, a coffee shop we’ve been curious about.  We stopped in and split one large coffee, one breakfast sandwich and two pastries for $13.49.  It was an interesting little joint with good coffee and decent food, but we probably won’t go out of our way to patronize it often.

The autumnal weather gave me a hankering for mulled apple cider, so we stopped in to Giant for a gallon of cider and a head of broccoli – because it was on sale for $0.99/lb, and we need more (possibly) cancer-fighting cruciferous vegetables in our lives.  Total:  $6.81.  Has cider always been this expensive ($5.99/gallon)?

We also filled our gas tank on Sunday for $38.58 (33.5 mpg – anyone know why our mileage has been lower than usual recently?).

And we bought two sheets for the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper we got at a yard sale last spring.  Baby needs somewhere to sleep, after all.  Total:  $11.98.

On Monday, we gave the credit card a break.

On Tuesday, Aaron spent $4.03 to fill his scooter gas tank and I paid a $35 co-pay to see a hematologist, who reassured me that my mild pregnancy-related thrombocytopenia (low platelet count) is no cause for worry.  Phew, because trying to remember and pronounce that word would have given me plenty of cause for worry.

Spending Summary:
Saturday:  $46.90 (groceries)
Sunday:  $13.49 (breakfast) + $6.81 (apple cider, broccoli) + $38.58 (gas) + $11.98 (baby items)
Tuesday:  $4.03 (gas) + $35 (medical)

Total (Saturday – Tuesday):  $156.79


5 thoughts on “In which we retire Alyssa’s LGVX5200 and eat cruciferous vegetables

  1. I know, Mindy, I’m sad too. But the camera on my phone died long ago, the front display stopped working, the audio jack was broken, the letters/numbers had worn off most of the buttons, and texting was really frustrating because the keypad was dying. So, I guess it had to be done.

  2. Your son looks positively fascinated at his father using a propane torch to light the fire. A little overkill, maybe? And, no, cider hasn’t always been that expensive–only since the producers found out people would actually pay that for it!

  3. If you think $5.99/gallon is bad for cider, we stopped at a little roadside store after our scenic Blue Ridge Parkway drive where they were charging $9.99/gallon and $7.99/half gallon! I was appalled! The cider from our relatives’ apple farm in PA though is worn every penny of the $6.99/gal they are now charging…

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